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Published on September 15, 2013 by in Boattalk, Raw Faith


Raw Faith, the subject of many conversations on Boattalk since we first covered it in 2002, is at the center of a new documentary made by Greg Roscoe.  It made its debut at the Maine International Film Festival in July and Greg kindly lent the Boattalk guys a copy to show at Hammond Hall in Winter Harbor on September 12th.  Raw Faith has earned its own category over to the right, and you can get details there, but briefly put, it was a 90 foot “Galleon Style” boat built by a family on the shore in Addison, Maine.  Addison is near Winter Harbor, so we thought it would be interesting for some of the many people in the area who saw the boat being built to be able to see the whole story.

Hammond Hall had a full house.  We all enjoyed the movie very much and it received many compliments afterwards.  It is technically well done and skillfully weaves together the voices and opinions of several participants in the Raw Faith saga to make thoughtful and thoroughly interesting movie.  It is as much a study in psychology as it is a boatbuilding movie.

Afterward we had a question and answer session and most everyone stayed for what turned out to be some interesting comments from the audience.  The event was a fundraiser for WERU and Schoodic Arts for All, thanks to all who attended.   With luck, we may show it again this Fall in Bucksport in conjunction with Penobscot Marine Museum.  More on that later.  For those who can’t wait or can’t make it to Bucksport DVD copies and downloads are available at www.rawfaithmovie.com     a.s.RawFaith Hammond


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