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Mission launched to Save Somes Sound

Often referred to as “America’s only East Coast Fiord,” Somes Sound was declassified from fiord to fiard by the Maine Geological Survey in November 1998. Historically called a fiord, Somes Sound seemed doomed to go the way of the former planet Pluto, until the Boattalk Guys from WERU-fm, the local community radio station, decided to attempt to rescue the situation. A mission to preserve the historical classification of Somes Sound will be launched on board Diver Ed’s boat, the “Starfish Enterprise,” on September 14th at 1:30 pm.

WERU’s Alan Sprague says, “The geologists say that Somes Sound does not have any anoxic sediment, which is a criteria for a true fiord. Anoxic sediments contain little to no oxygen and are found in what most people call dead zones.” Sprague continued, “So we’re going to fix that. On September 14th we’re going to drop overboard a granite plaque inscribed with ‘Long live the Grateful Dead,’ thereby creating a “Dead Zone” on the bottom of Somes Sound.”

To raise funds, the plaque to be placed at the bottom of Somes Sound will have the names of “Bottom Liners” etched into it also. Bottom Liners are individuals or organizations who, for a fifty dollar donation, will have their name engraved on the stone and receive a certificate verifying their participation in creating the dead zone and preserving history, along with Somes Sound’s respect. Spectator seating will be available for twenty dollars each to witness the dropping of the plaque from the Starfish Enterprise. Called the “2014 Boattalk Save Our Sound Cruise,” it will leave at 1:30 Sunday Afternoon September 14th from the Northeast Harbor Town Dock for a two hour Cruise on the fantastic Starfish Enterprise.

The creation of a “Dead Zone” in Somes Sound should reinstate the sound to “Fiord” category and save the description “Only Fiord in the Lower Forty-Eight States.” Persons or organizations wishing to become a “Bottom Liner of the Dead Zone Project” by having their name engraved on the stone plaque, will receive a Certificate of Recognition that their name is part of the Dead Zone Creation and a photograph of the stone. Maximum number of letters per name is twenty. Bottom Liner membership is $50 and sign-up ends September 10, 4:00pm. Bottom Liners do not need to be on the cruise. Cruise seating is twenty dollars, with children under 12 free, accompanied by an adult. Tickets may be had by calling WERU during regular business hours at 469-6600.

All people on board will not only have a boat ride up beautiful Somes Sound, but also be witnesses to the tossing of the plaque into fiord preservation history. The media will be on board to record the event, as will an official representative of the Mount Desert Historical Society to document the historical occasion. The Starfish Enterprise is handicapped accessible, but we need to know in advance. Bottom Liners can sign-up, and tickets are available by calling WERU during regular business hours at 207 469-6600. WERU and the Mount Desert Historical Society are non-profit organizations. Diver Ed has donated his boat for this event and Freshwater Stone of Orland has donated the plaque and engraving. People, groups, and businesses who become Bottom Liners should consider it a sound investment.

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