Boattalk March 2013

Published on March 9, 2013 by in Talk


Tuesday March 12th Boattalk streams live at at 10am EDT starting with a conversation with Phineas Sprague about the Maine Boatbuilder’s Show, which happens on March 15-17.  Phineas sent the below picture as an example of the “Wall of Fame” they have there.  It’s a great show with all sorts of things to see and talk about.  Say hello to Boattalk buddy Havilah Hawkens while your there and ask him about the waterspout picture.  We will also be talking with Greg Roscoe of Seaworthy Productions about a video about Raw Faith that will be coming out soon.  And, as usual, it is a call-in show and you never know what might surface.  a.s.

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