Oceans of plastic

Published on October 25, 2009 by in Talk


In our October show we talked with friend of boattalk Peter Neill of the World Ocean Observatory (there’s a link to them at the bottom right of our home page) about the ocean gyres and the garbage patches they are becoming. Its a bad situation that is receiving little attention, but is something we can all do something to remedy. The discussion was very interesting and enlightening. Just click on the October show in the right hand column of our home page to listen. The discussion was in the second half of the show. An interesting website trying to raise awareness on this subject is www.theplastiki.com We boatbuilders may have some issues with their vessel and we would be glad to talk about it during our show, but their heart is in the right place.
For some sad photos of the problem check out “pacific garbage patch” in google images. I use a cloth shopping bag now and refuse any plastic bag for purchases. Get your coffee in a reuseable cup. For many years now one of my greatest personal annoyances when way offshore is to see styrofoam cups and disposable diapers floating by. We all can do better. a.s.

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