underenthusiasm for submarines

Published on February 9, 2009 by in Talk


One of the items we missed talking about on boattalk a few months back, was an interesting project done at a Connecticut high school.  Over the period of four years the shop class built a replica of the “Turtle,” the first real submarine.   Thinking the Civil war and the “Huntley?”  Nope, this was the American Revolutionary War.  Google “The Turtle” and see what you sink.  But anyway,  I came across these three contemporary sub interesting sites in an article in Popular Mechanics magazine by chance.  No pictures here, but lots of good pix there.  Just bring money.  Maybe boattalk will test-drive these.  Maybe not.




Interested in racing your submarine?  Check out www.isrsubrace.org

Always willing to go to new depths of unfathonable reporting to keep you underinformed, thanks for listening to boattalk.  A.S.

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