About Boattalk

“Boattalk” is the monthly radio call-in show contemplating all things naval on WERU-FM non-commercial community radio at 89.9 Blue Hill on the fm dial in downeast Maine.  Boattalk is on at 10:00 AM Eastern Time on the second Tuesday December, then switching to 4-5 PM starting in 2020 and can be heard live from WERU’s internet audio stream

And now there is a WERU app available through google play or the apple store.

The coast of Maine has been a center of boatbuilding and fine boating for hundreds of years and the hosts of Boattalk, Mike Joyce and Alan Sprague, are both long time boat carpenters besides being volunteer programmers at WERU. They have been hosting Boattalk since 2003.

Starting in 2005 WERU began archiving Boattalk for podcasting and you can visit WERU’s audio archives website to either download or listen to the shows on the web.  CD copies of shows before April 2005 are available for $12 by request.

Every show is unique, so there’s no telling what course we may take and we are open to suggestions or comments.  Just drop us a line on our contact us section.  Check out the recent posts to the right for news on what is scheduled for the next show.  The categories section has all a boatload of topics that have been floated over the years.