Bounty Questions

Published on November 12, 2012 by in Talk


Tuesday Nov. 13, 10am eastern, Boattalk will no doubt be talking about the recent sinking of HMS Bounty II. Attached are two of the many images connected with the recent demise. we will be referring to them occasionally. a.s.

One Response to “Bounty Questions”

  1. John Sperr says:

    HMS Bounty, an un-inspected vessel of dubious hull strength and limited maneuverability (a vessel reputed to be classified as a “dockside attraction” by the USCG) with one of two engines malfunctioning and recent unproven hull repairs sets out to cross paths off Cape Hatteras with a huge, powerful, late season Category 1 Hurricane?

    What flavor of kool-aid were the Captain and owners drinking when they made the decision to go?

    My sympathies to those who lost their loved ones, and praises to the USCG whose rescue efforts prevented this ill-fated venture from becoming an even greater tragedy.

    John Sperr
    Rhinebeck NY
    Sedgwick ME